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A government, a nation united for healthy youth and communities

The federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking is working with governments and organizations at the state, territory, and local levels to reduce and prevent underage drinking and its consequences.

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Report to Congress  New

Report to Congress

Learn more about the prevalence and consequences of underage drinking and ongoing national and state prevention efforts. More

Prevention as They Grow

Prevention as They Grow

View this online workshop about a developmental approach to underage drinking from early childhood to young adulthood. Learn about new research into the power of parents to reduce drinking by young adults in college. More

New SAMHSA Report

New SAMHSA Report

Underage Drinking Declined Between 2002 and 2013 More



The data provide information on the prevalence, trends, and consequences of underage drinking.

The different agencies also provide related statistics that highlight different health and societal aspects of underage drinking. More

Understanding the Issue

Understanding the Issue

Factors Affecting Underage Drinking is a developmental and environmental context for understanding aimed at reducing a young person’s risk of using alcohol or increasing factors that help protect them against alcohol use. More


Prevention / Intervention Tools

Learn more about effective prevention strategies to reduce underage alcohol access, use, and consequences.

Find intervention tools, resources, and services to help young people recover from and avoid alcohol use. More

Monthly Highlights
  • Monthly Highlights

    SAMHSA Releases The Sound of Your Voice Video

    Parents should talk with their college-bound young adults NOW about the potential consequences of underage alcohol use. Learn more

  • Monthly Highlights

    July Is Minority Mental Health Month

    Minority youth tend to have lower rates of current and binge alcohol use, but still are at risk of co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. Learn more

  • Monthly Highlights

    More Youth Begin Drinking During Summer Months

    June and July are among the top months for alcohol use initiation by 12- to 17-year-olds. Learn more

National grassroots initiative to engage communities in underage drinking prevention.