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The Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking’s (ICCPUD) Policy Academy for Implementing Community-Level Policies to Prevent Alcohol Misuse (Policy Academy) is a groundbreaking opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the U.S.

Taking place from April 2024 through March 2025, the Policy Academy is a free, year-long opportunity for selected coalitions to engage in local and state-level policy development to prevent and reduce underage drinking and harms related to excessive drinking.

The Policy Academy offers opportunities to collaborate with leading experts on alcohol policy, learn policy strategies and best practices from experienced prevention experts, and engage with coalitions from across the United States.

Key Facts

The Policy Academy is:

  • A collaboration among the Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD) and SAMHSA’s National Mental Health and Substance Use Policy Laboratory, led by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)
  • Held from April 2024 through March 2025, with required monthly webinars and an in-person meeting immediately following attendance at the Alcohol Policy 20 Conference in Arlington, VA, in May 2024
  • Free and includes travel to and lodging at the Alcohol Policy 20 Conference
  • Limited to 28 participants from 14 coalitions (two representatives per coalition)
  • Enrolling participants via a three-step application process—with a deadline of February 1, 2024, for step one (letter of intent)
  • An important and exciting opportunity to improve public health; apply today

Policy Academy Goals

The Policy Academy’s goals are to:

  • Reduce demand for, the availability of, and access to alcohol by persons under the age of 21
  • Build the capacity of community coalitions, states, tribes, territories, and jurisdictions interested in and committed to using evidence-based tools to establish a multifaceted approach to preventing and reducing underage drinking
  • Work towards implementation of evidence-based local and state alcohol policies

Enrollment is Open and Limited

While enrollment is limited to 14 coalitions (two representatives each) to allow for the optimal exchange of ideas and to enhance productivity, all coalitions engaged in state-level policy work are highly encouraged to apply.

The application is open to all coalitions that work to prevent and reduce underage drinking, have the capacity and interest in participating in local or state alcohol policy change, and are free from alcohol, tobacco, or other drug industry influence. Candidates should demonstrate their capacity through the following criteria:

  • Show that their fiscal agent supports the coalition’s involvement in policy change
  • Identify a city/county alcohol policy and/or an organizational alcohol policy for adoption and implementation in the next 12 months
  • Have an existing relationship with or willingness to work with an alcohol-related organization at the state level, such as a state alcohol policy alliance, single state authority (the lead agency in each state or jurisdiction responsible for managing federal funds dedicated to addressing substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery), or state public health department

Apply in Three Simple Steps

arrows showing letter of intent, informational webinar and application

The February 1, 2024, deadline for the letter of intent (LOI) is fast approaching! Upload and submit your LOI. SAMHSA will award admission to the Policy Academy based on the strength of the application and geographic representation. An application does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

Benefits to Participants

Accepted participants will receive coaching, technical assistance, and training from nationally and internationally known subject matter experts. Policy Academy participants will:

  • Engage in a tested policy process for specific population-level evidence-based prevention policies
  • Receive individual coaching calls with a dedicated alcohol policy expert each month
  • Participate in monthly webinars and trainings with the full cohort to train on each of the policy steps
  • Have the opportunity to learn from other coalition members from across the U.S.
  • Complete homework activities that will directly support the policy process
  • Receive a free trip to the Alcohol Policy 20 Conference in Arlington, VA, in May 2024
  • Participate in a special Policy Academy track at the Alcohol Policy 20 conference
  • Engage in a one-day intensive workshop with fellow Policy Academy participants
  • Learn from nationally and internationally renowned alcohol policy experts

What to Expect

The Policy Academy is an intensive training designed to guide participants through successful policy change efforts. The goals require participants who are willing and committed to engage in every aspect of the Policy Academy. Participants must agree to:

  • Continuously use their training to work towards their outlined alcohol policy goals
  • Regularly connect with their designated Policy Academy coach
  • Complete all homework assignments to further their progress along the policy process
  • Participate in each of the monthly webinars and communities of practice calls. Topics may include:
    • Overview of alcohol epidemiology – trends and related harms across demographics
    • A multisectoral approach to prevention
    • Key steps for policy implementation
    • Equity considerations for prevention policies and enforcement
    • Local policymaking
    • State legislative action
    • Community Engagement
  • Participate in a one-day intensive in-person academy meeting and attend the Alcohol Policy 20 Conference May 14-17 in Arlington, VA

Help Make Long-Term Impacts in the Substance Misuse Prevention Field

Findings from Policy Academy proceedings will be used in communications to advance policies to prevent underage drinking and alcohol misuse such as white papers, journal articles, social media content, and more.

Be a part of this cutting-edge work to implement and improve community-level policies on underage drinking and related harms. Start the application process and send in a letter of intent today!

For More Information

Please view our frequently asked questions or contact Dr. Alicia Sparks at with any questions.

Last Updated 12/21/2023