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Read monthly updates on substance use prevention news and resources from federal agencies that make up the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD) and other national organizations working to prevent substance use and misuse.

How COVID-19 Impacted Mental Health and Substance Use

This issue of SAMHSA’s biannual Supplemental Research Bulletin, A Preliminary Look at the Mental Health and Substance Use-related Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, reviews early research on how the pandemic impacted mental health and substance use. It also provides insights on the populations that are experiencing disproportionate impacts from the pandemic. And finally, the bulletin contains expert suggestions for supporting communities during and after the crisis.

Links Between Childhood Trauma and Alcohol Use

The spring 2021 issue of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s digital magazine, the NIAAA Spectrum, features an article on studies that investigate the relationship between childhood trauma and alcohol use. The issue also explores ways emotional responses to alcohol contribute to drinking behaviors that lead to an alcohol use disorder.

Medications for Opioid Overdose, Withdrawal, and Addiction, Illustrated

A new NIDA infographic shows the different types of safe and effective medications prescribed for opioid overdose, withdrawal, and addiction. Share this with those in your community who work to prevent opioid overdose and help those in recovery.

New Video Series on Drug-Free Living Featuring Teen Leaders

The DEA has a new video series, Drug-Free Living, highlighting teen leaders from across the country who are choosing a drug-free lifestyle and showing others why it matters. The first video in the series features 15-year-old Victoria Gacek, who talks about her strategies for staying drug-free and offers advice on responding to peer pressure.