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7 Warning Signs for Underage Drinking

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has developed an infographic identifying seven warning signs for underage drinking.

An infographic uses photos and text to illustrate the seven warning signs for underage drinking.

Headline. Seven warning signs for underage drinking.

Mood changes. Temper flare-ups, irritability, and defensiveness. Photo of an angry young man.

School problems. Poor attendance, low grades, and/or recent disciplinary action. Photo of a girl with her head in her hands.

Rebellion. Rebelling and not following family rules. Photo of an unhappy girl with her mom in the background.

Change of friends. Switching friends and a reluctance to let you get to know the new ones. Photo of a group of teens.

“Nothing matters” attitude. Sloppy appearance, a lack of involvement in former interests, and general low energy. Photo of an unsmiling teenage boy.

Alcohol presence. Finding it in your child’s room or backpack or smelling alcohol on his or her breath. Photo of a frowning girl clutching a backpack.

Physical or mental problems. Memory lapses, poor concentration, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, or slurred speech. Photo of a teenage boy with his head on his hand.

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