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Impact of Alcohol Exposure on Children

Scientists examined caregivers’ characteristics, alcohol use, and exposure to harm due to a drinking spouse or family member as risk factors for alcohol’s harm to children. Data was synthesized from 764 caregivers with at least one child under 17 from the 2015 National Alcohol’s Harm to Others Survey. Overall, 7.4 percent of caregivers reported alcohol’s harm to children in the past year. After screening the participants’ relationships, sociodemographic characteristics, and alcohol use, results showed that a caregiver’s exposure to harm from a heavy drinker in the household posed a greater risk to children than a caregiver’s own heavy drinking.

The study, “Alcohol’s Harm to Children: Findings From the 2015 United States National Alcohol’s Harm to Others Survey,” is published in the The Journal of Pediatrics. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism supported this research effort.

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