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Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011–2021

This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report provides surveillance data from 2021, as well as 10-year trends from 2011–2021, on behaviors and experiences among high school students in the United States related to health and well-being. This year’s report expands the racial and ethnic groups for which data and trends are presented and includes data on school connectedness, parental monitoring, and unstable housing. Significant findings include that high school substance use is generally decreasing, but still too high, and poor mental health and suicidal thoughts and behaviors are increasing for nearly all youth. Findings also showed that experiences of violence, including sexual violence, are not declining and that female students, LGBTQ students, and students who had any same-sex partners were more likely than their peers to have experienced violence.

This report, “Youth risk behavior survey data summary & trends report: 2011–2021,” was produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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