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Parents’ and Friends’ Approval of Drinking and Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use During College

Researchers investigated the direct and indirect effects of two established risk factors for drinking on simultaneous alcohol and marijuana (SAM) use among college students: perceived parental permissiveness toward drinking and friends’ approval of drinking (injunctive norms). Incoming first-year students reported parental permissiveness, injunctive norms, alcohol use, and SAM use at baseline (T1) and 5 months later (T2). At 15 months post-baseline (T3), only SAM use was assessed. Results revealed that T2 student alcohol use mediated the effects of T1 parental permissiveness, injunctive norms, and alcohol use on T3 SAM use. Researchers proposed that parent-based interventions and interventions targeting peer injunctive norms during the first year of college could be used to prevent or reduce SAM use. 
This paper, “The Prospective Effects of Parents’ and Friends’ Approval of Drinking on Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use during College,” was funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and published in the journal Substance use and misuse. 

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