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Success Stories

Tips and Resources for a Successful Communities Talk to Prevent Underage Drinking Event

Planning is key to successfully participating in or planning a Communities Talk event. There are many tips and resources available to help you identify where you want your community to be at the end of your Communities Talk event, and to help you map your route to get there.

Planning Process

Click on the links below to find resources related to each step of the planning process.

  • Assessment resources to define the underage drinking problem and a community’s needs, capacity, and readiness to respond;
  • Planning resources to meet the goals and objectives identified in the assessment phase;
  • Promotion resources to attract an audience of size and scope and increase community awareness; and
  • Evaluation resources to determine if the Communities Talk event was effective as a catalyst for change.

Need more help getting started? Read the Quick Start Planning Guide.

Top Resources for Underage Drinking Prevention

Consider using these resources as part of your Communities Talk event: