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What's New articles share information to help event organizers plan, host, and evaluate events aimed at mobilizing a community around evidence-based strategies to prevent alcohol and other drug misuse.

National Prevention Week Is May 12–18!

From May 12–18, SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week: A Celebration of Possibility (NPW) is showcasing the work of organizations across the country that are preventing substance use and misuse and promoting positive mental health in their communities. Learn more about how you can get involved throughout the week and join SAMHSA for the following virtual events and activities:

  • Monday, May 13–Attend the live virtual kickoff event for NPW 2024! Join SAMHSA leadership and partners to celebrate the power of youth and the future of prevention.
  • Tuesday, May 14–Join us for “Celebrate the Possibilities of Prevention: Building Resilient Communities,” an enlightening learning session co-hosted by Communities Talk and the “Talk. They Hear You.”® campaign as part of SAMHSA’s NPW. This event will spotlight the remarkable efforts of our community partners, showcasing the critical work they’ve accomplished this year. By learning about their journeys, you can:
    • Get informed on the challenges they’ve tackled, the innovative strategies they’ve adopted, and the successes they’ve celebrated.
    • Be prepared by arming yourself with knowledge and actionable insights.
    • Take action using the tools and resources in your own communities.
    Register today!
  • Wednesday, May 15–Join SAMHSA’s Innovations in Prevention Forum, where we’ll showcase SAMHSA’s innovative prevention initiatives addressing pressing and current issues, such as the opioid crisis and high-risk substance use among youth.
  • Thursday, May 16–Spread the good news of prevention on social media and in your community! Share photos and videos from your events using #NationalPreventionWeek24 and #MyPreventionStory.
  • Friday, May 17–Hear from grantees and coalition members from across the country, highlighting the collective power of the prevention community. Follow SAMHSA’s official YouTube channel to be the first to see and share this special tribute to prevention organizations.

See the full National Prevention Week 2024 agenda and register for events.

Help amplify the power of prevention leading up to, during, and after NPW by sharing your #MyPreventionStory on social media, downloading our planning toolkit, and spreading the word about NPW. Join the prevention conversation using the hashtags #MyPreventionStory and #NationalPreventionWeek24 on social media.

Date: 05/09/2024

Substance Misuse During the Spring

It’s the time of year for end-of-school celebrations and graduation parties, and parents and other caring adults need to know the social host laws or host party policies in their state.

Consider holding a Communities Talk event about the risks involved with hosting parties for anyone under 21. You can learn from what other communities have done by reading success stories. Here are a few examples:

  • After a death due to a drinking and driving accident that happened right after a graduation party, the Highland School District in Tieton, Washington, held a Communities Talk event to educate parents on how to host safe parties, especially if there isn’t close adult supervision. The presentations were delivered in Spanish, with translations offered to the English-speaking community members. Read their success story, No es usted, hasta que le sucede a usted (It’s not about you until it happens to you) to find out what they accomplished!
  • In the rural community of Hayden, Arizona, underage alcohol use was seen as a “rite of passage” and parents provided alcohol to teens at parties they hosted. To educate parents and youth about the harmful effects of this behavior, the Copper Corridor Coalition held a Communities Talk event that included discussions with an officer from the Arizona Liquor Licenses and Control Board. You’ll find out more about their event in their success story.

Learn more about social host liability and host party laws with these resources:

Date: 05/09/2024

Upcoming Webinars

Learn from your colleagues about their successful prevention strategies by attending the next Communities Talk webinar and these PPTC webinars.

  • Celebrate the Possibilities of Prevention: Building Resilient Communities
  • Youth Engagement Workshop 1: Assessing Organizational Capacity & Readiness to Successfully Engage with Youth in Your Substance Use Prevention Work
    • May 8, 2024–12 p.m. ET
    • Host: Southeast Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network (PTTC Network)
    • This 2-part webinar series will focus on engaging young people in prevention work with and for youth. The first workshop will explore characteristics of organizations that serve as a strong foundation for youth engagement; organizational capacity and readiness for youth engagement; ideas for advancing characteristics to include and strengthen you

Date: 05/09/2024

In Case You Missed It, Check These Out!

  • The “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign mobile application, which helps parents and caregivers who want to turn everyday situations into opportunities to have conversations about alcohol and other drug use prevention. Download it today from the App Store, Google Play, or the Microsoft Store.
  • The Screen4Success tool, which screens for health, wellness, and well-being by asking questions about a child’s life. It’s a quick and easy way to identify areas where someone may benefit from more support and provides local and national resources to help address those concerns. Access it on your mobile device by downloading the “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign mobile app and selecting the Screening button from the app’s main navigation.

Date: 05/09/2024

Survey Shows 11 Percent of 12th Graders Reported Delta-8-THC Use in 2023

An analysis of data from the 2023 Monitoring the Future survey, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), shows that approximately 11 percent of 12th grade students across the United States reported past-year use of delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8-THC, or delta-8 for short). Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance that is typically derived from hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. Delta-8 has intoxicating effects similar to delta-9-THC (delta-9), the primary THC component responsible for the “high” that people may experience from using cannabis.

Date: 04/11/2024

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