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What’s New

What's New articles share information to help event organizers plan, host, and evaluate events aimed at mobilizing a community around evidence-based strategies to prevent underage drinking.

Getting Youth Involved in Your Communities Talk Activities

Even in a world that is social distancing, youth can and should play an important role in Communities Talk activity planning. For inspiration on how to get youth involved in your next Communities Talk, check out the story video. This short video highlights ways communities can work with youth to help reduce the prevalence of underage drinking.

NEW! Prevention Graphics Gallery

SAMHSA has developed three new data visualizations designed to facilitate conversations between children and parents or other caring adults, and support community efforts to prevent underage drinking. The visualizations bring key findings from the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health to life by creating a narration that helps outlines how communities get informed, stay prepared and take action.

Date: 09/01/2020

SAMHSA Assistance Related to COVID-19

SAMHSA’s COVID-19 page has resources and information to assist you in your prevention efforts during this complex time. There you’ll find SAMHSA’s Training and Technical Assistance Related to COVID-19, which is updated weekly, as well as other helpful materials. Read more for descriptions of helpful materials.

Date: 08/17/2020

Communities Talk Success Stories; Managing Youth Stress and Substance Use During COVID-19

Success Stories—Prevention Work Continues Despite Impacts from COVID-19 Pandemic

As you are rethinking prevention strategies to adapt to challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, learn how some of your colleagues have succeeded in refining their Communities Talk events.

Managing Youth Stress and Substance Misuse During COVID-19 Pandemic

Recent research shows that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing increased levels of stress and substance misuse. Read more about recent findings as well as resources you can use to aid youth and caring adults in your community.

Date: 07/27/2020

Preventing and Reducing Underage Drinking—Virtually!

Following social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health officials can make prevention work challenging. One way to reach your audience with prevention messages is by hosting a virtual Communities Talk event using free video conference platforms and using different virtual techniques. To help you plan, we’ve included some ideas for you!

Date: 06/01/2020

Sign Up for SAMHSA Prevention Emails; Underage Drinking Website Resources

SAMHSA Email Newsletters to Support Your Prevention Initiatives

This is the final edition of the Communities Talk email newsletter, so be sure to bookmark our website and check back often for the latest information about Communities Talk events and resources for underage drinking prevention. Read the full e-Alert article to learn how to get the latest SAMHSA news and resources about substance use prevention delivered via email.

SAMHSA's StopAlcoholAbuse.gov and Communities Talk Website Resources

The StopAlcoholAbuse.gov and Communities Talk websites offers valuable resources to help strengthen your prevention efforts, including the state map that links to individual state profiles in the Report to Congress on the Prevention and Reduction of Underage Drinking. Read the full e-Alert article to learn about what you can find on these websites.

Date: 05/04/2020

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