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Using Social Media: Facebook Messages

Use the Facebook posts and graphics below on your personal or organizational Facebook page. Visit our Social Media Guide for more information about how to strategically use Facebook to promote your event.

General Posts

Customizable Posts for Event Promotion

  • Let’s talk about underage drinking prevention! Join our #CommunitiesTalk event on [Insert Date/Time]. [Insert event link]
  • Underage drinking prevention discussion + YOU = #CommunitiesTalk. Join us on [Insert Date/Time]. [Insert event link]
  • Together, we can support our youth and prevent underage drinking! Join our #CommunitiesTalk event on [Insert Date/Time]. [Insert event link]
  • Join us for a NEW event about underage drinking prevention—#CommunitiesTalk! [Insert Date/Time]. [Insert event link]
  • Do healthy communities make you :)? Join us for #CommunitiesTalk, a discussion about underage drinking prevention. [Insert Date/Time] [Insert event link]


Visit the image gallery to download and share the campaign graphics.