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Working with the Media: Writing a Media Advisory

A media advisory should answer a reporter's basic questions related to the five Ws-who, what, when, where, and why-of your Communities Talk activity. A media advisory is distributed before the event or activity specifically to invite news reporters to attend and/or cover it.


  • Keep it short. Very briefly highlight the reasons why your activity is newsworthy using the five Ws.
  • Include information about any story elements that can help a reporter create a dynamic story about your activity, including interesting speakers, compelling visuals, or opportunities to learn something new about underage drinking prevention.
  • Distribute the advisory to broadcast, print, and web-based media contacts approximately two weeks before your activity.
  • After you send your media advisory, follow up with a tailored pitch email or phone call to confirm if the reporter will be able to participate.
  • Follow up on your advisory with a press kit that supplies more details about the activity approximately two days before it takes place.

Use the Media Advisory Template (DOCX | 20KB) as a starting point to customize an advisory for your Communities Talk activity.

For more information about working with media, check the "promotion" box on the Tips and Resources page.