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Tips and Resources




Promoting your event through standard and social media channels will build interest and increase attendance. Use the customizable tools below to inform the media, your community, and your target audience about your event and its important message.

Promotion Tools

  • Media Engagement Basics describes different media outreach pieces and their use:
    • Media Advisory (DOC—356 KB) alerts the media about your Town Hall Meeting as an event of critical interest to the community;
    • Op-Ed (DOC—44 KB) draws attention to your Town Hall Meeting by raising the issue in the local press;
    • Pitch Letter (DOC—355 KB) encourages coverage before and after your Town Hall Meeting; and
    • News Release (DOC—38 KB) provides media outlets with enough information for a news article.
  • Talking Points (PDF—290 KB) are statistics about underage drinking that emphasize the importance of prevention.
  • Campus Community Talking Points (PDF—207 KB) are statistics illustrating the impact of underage drinking on the safety and health of the campus community.
  • Going Viral With Social Media (PDF—429 KB) describes innovative ways to use social media to expand the reach of your event.