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What’s New

Communities Talk e-Alerts are technical assistance newsletters to help event organizers plan, host, and evaluate events aimed at mobilizing a community around evidence-based prevention of underage drinking.

New Spanish-language resources and underage drinking prevention during the holidays

Underage Drinking Prevention Materials Now Available in Spanish

Several new Spanish-language underage drinking prevention resources are now available. Originally available in English, the resources are adapted to connect with Spanish-speaking audiences to help community-based organizations and prevention strategists address issues around underage drinking in those communities.

Talking to Your College Student about Alcohol During the Holidays

Students are returning home after their first semester in college, and it’s a great time for parents and caregivers to talk with them about alcohol or reinforce conversations they may have had at the beginning of the semester. Check out SAMHSA’s resources for parents to guide your own conversations.

Celebrating the Holidays Safely

Help prevent drinking and driving this holiday season with campaign resources from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These campaigns provide animated graphics, fact sheets, sample news releases and op-eds, and Spanish-language materials.

Date: 12/17/2019

New SAMHSA resources for college drinking prevention, substance misuse prevention, and mental health

New SAMHSA resource focuses on embracing culture and context for prevention strategies

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) educate students in a culturally specific context, which calls for a tailored approach to underage drinking prevention. The second episode in SAMHSA’s College Drinking: Prevention Perspectives series, Embracing Culture and Context to Prevent Underage Drinking, shows how HBCUs have created prevention strategies that meet the unique needs of a campus community with a strong history and culture.

Prevention Technology Transfer Centers (PTTC) Resources

The SAMHSA-funded PTTC Network provides technical assistance and learning resources for you to use in your substance misuse prevention efforts. Learn more about resources on the topic of underage drinking and alcohol misuse prevention.

SAMHSA Addresses Mental Illness and Substance Use in Young Adults

SAMHSA’s new public message on Mental Illness and Substance Use in Young Adults offers resources to support those concerned about someone who may be drinking too much, using drugs, or dealing with mental illness get the help they need.

Date: 11/14/2019

Prevention Resources for Underage Drinking and Marijuana Use; New Data About Alcohol Use

Preventing Underage Drinking and Marijuana Use

Communities Talk events primarily focus on underage drinking prevention. But the events also are a great opportunity to discuss other substance misuse and prevention-related topics that are important to your community, including marijuana use. Addressing the dangers associated with underage and young adult marijuana and alcohol use can increase the impact of your event and energize your community’s prevention work. SAMHSA’s Know the Risks of Marijuana webpage and SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign website have facts and materials for you to use when planning or hosting your Communities Talk event.

Back-to-School Season: An Opportunity to Help Parents and Caregivers Prevent Underage Drinking and Drug Use

A new school year often brings a fresh start for children and their families. It’s also a time to revisit conversations with children about alcohol and other drugs. Resources from SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” national media campaign helps parents, caregivers, and other role models have conversations about alcohol and other drugs with children. Read SAMSHA’s blog by Johnnetta Davis-Joyce, M.A., Director of SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, for details about using the campaign in your prevention initiatives this school year.

Using Data to Mobilize Your Community

Community leaders, parents, and other concerned citizens become more invested in prevention when they learn how many adolescents and young adults begin using alcohol each year. You can use data from SAMHSA’s 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health to educate your community about underage drinking and get them engaged in prevention strategies.

Date: 10/09/2019

AlcoholFX: An Engaging App for Middle Schoolers. Plus, the Benefits of Images in Your Communities Talk Profile

SAMHSA’s AlcoholFX App Helps Educators Highlight Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain 
As an educator, you do important work every day to help youth in your community build healthier, brighter futures. Helping kids understand the consequences of using alcohol, and how alcohol can harm their brains, is key to ensuring they achieve their goals. Download SAMHSA’s AlcoholFX app for tablets at no cost to help share these messages.

Enhance Your Communities Talk Profile 
Thank you to everyone who added event flyers to their Communities Talk profile! Your flyers, event photos, and media coverage bring your events to life on the Find a Meeting map and offers other Communities Talk hosts ideas for their own activities. If you have not had a chance to share your flyers, photos, etc. for your event, please add them to your profile.

Date: 09/19/2019

Introducing the Communities Talk Toolkit! Plus, Tips for Year-Round Event Planning.

New Communities Talk Toolkit
Check out the new Communities Talk Event Host Toolkit. This all-inclusive guide has detailed information for first-time hosts and for those who want to expand the impact of their events. Be sure to read the social media section to find updated sample content for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The toolkit also includes updates on ways you can engage the media with your event.

Strategic Planning for Year-Round Underage Drinking Prevention
When developing your substance misuse prevention strategic plan, remember to include Communities Talk as part of your underage drinking prevention efforts. Effective prevention efforts begin with a strong strategic plan—a process for setting goals and objectives, and for determining how to achieve them and how to measure impact. SAMHSA has resources that will help you as you plan programs and evaluate results.

Date: 08/07/2019