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What’s New

Communities Talk What’s New articles share information to help event organizers plan, host, and evaluate events aimed at mobilizing a community around evidence-based prevention of underage drinking.

Introducing the Communities Talk Toolkit! Plus, Tips for Year-Round Event Planning.


New! Communities Talk Event Host Toolkit

The new Communities Talk Event Host Toolkit is now online! This all-inclusive guide has comprehensive information for first-time hosts and for those who want to expand the impact of their events. It features detailed steps for Communities Talk event planning, promotion, and evaluation. The toolkit also has tips on ways to sustain your community’s commitment to preventing underage drinking.

Toolkit highlights include an updated social media section with new content for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. It also features the latest information about working with the media, including steps for writing a compelling pitch and press release. The press release, opinion editorial, and other media templates in the appendix can help you save time in publicizing your event.

Strategic Planning for Year-Round Underage Drinking Prevention

When developing your substance misuse prevention strategic plan, remember to include Communities Talk as part of your underage drinking prevention efforts. Effective prevention efforts begin with a strong strategic plan—a process for setting goals and objectives, and for determining how to achieve them and measure your impact.

SAMHSA has resources that will help you with program development and evaluation. Below are some helpful links:

  • Focus on Prevention: Strategies and Programs to Prevent Substance Use
    This guide offers brief, easy-to-read information that organizations can use to plan and deliver prevention strategies in a wide array of settings. Eleven topic briefs provide information about steps to help you as you begin conceptualizing and planning your prevention event. Sections on needs assessment, building partnerships, and evaluation may be particularly useful when incorporating Communities Talk in your community’s overall prevention strategy.
  • Selecting Best-fit Programs and Practices: Guidance for Substance Misuse Prevention Practitioners
    This resource helps you identify the evidence-based programs and practices (EBPPs) that will work best in your community. Sections about strategic planning and an appendix with a program practice and review checklist will help you develop your organization’s prevention programs.
  • Prevention Technology Transfer Centers (PTTC)
    The SAMHSA-funded PTTC Network has tools and strategies you can use to improve the quality of your substance misuse prevention efforts, including alcohol use prevention. PTTCs provide technical assistance and learning resources.