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Hosted by: Taylor County Family Resources

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Please briefly describe your Communities Talk activity.

Taylor County Family Resources and LAUNCH held a community forum to target community leaders in Taylor County, WV, and begin a discussion around monitoring alcohol sales to underage youth. The conversation largely focused on the importance of store clerks checking identification when all individuals purchase alcoholic beverages.

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How does alcohol and other drug misuse affect your community?

While underage drinking is not the most prevalent problem in our community, LAUNCH is working hard to keep it that way!

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What goal(s) did you hope to accomplish with your Communities Talk activity?

  • Reduce prevalence of underage drinking and other substances in community
  • Create an ongoing conversation about underage drinking and substance use prevention in the community
  • Foster collaboration between community stakeholders for continued underage drinking and substance use prevention activities
  • Improve policy/legislation (e.g., reducing alcohol advertising to which youth are exposed; instituting, promoting, or increasing alcohol compliance checks; improving
  • Encourage community and local businesses to implement measures to prevent underage drinking (e.g., restricting or decreasing sales of alcohol at community events; conducting responsible beverage service training)
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What challenge(s) did you face in planning your activity this year?

  • Particularly severe or resistant substance use issues in our community
  • The homelessness and opioid and meth addiction problems get the most attention in our community, so we had to compete for attention.
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How did you overcome these challenges?

We did not have any challenges during our event.

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What are your next steps?

  • Host follow-up meetings or activities
  • Create new action groups to tackle specific issues raised during our Communities Talk activity
  • Expand our coalition with new partnerships in the community
  • Support new prevention policies, legislation, or social ordinances
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Which Communities Talk resources (or other SAMHSA resources) were most helpful for your activity?

  • Prevention-related webinars
  • Communities Talk toolkits
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Who did you involve in your activity planning, and who did your activity impact?

We partnered with a local youth group called LAUNCH, which strives to keep the underage drinking in our community at a minimum. For our event, we thought it was also important to include community leaders so that we could put our heads together and come up with a strategy to better educate our store clerks on checking identification cards, and how to properly read them, to minimize the distribution and sales of alcohol to minors in our community.

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Did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the planning or execution of your activities?

We did not have any challenges.

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