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Youth Drinking Buzzer Beater Informational Games

Start Date: 07/25/2019


District II Alcohol & Drug Program
106 2nd St SW
Sidney, MT 59270

Activity Description:

Facebook live with quick question answers from members of the community involved in and behind the scenes of what happens when someone gets caught drinking underage. Interviews will include Youth Probation VS District Judge, ED Doctor VS ED Nurse, HS principal VS HS counselor, Oilfield Company Reps HR VS Company Man. The game will be rapid fire questions relating to each interviewee's specialty and how a drugs and alcohol charge or trouble with drugs and alcohol can impede them in things such as, applying to colleges, getting a good job, being able to stay healthy etc.

Host Organization Collaborating Organization(s)/Group(s):

District II Alcohol & Drug Program

Organization Contact Info:

District II Alcohol & Drug Prevention
106 2nd St SW
Sidney, Montana 59270
(406) 433-4097


  • Town hall meeting
  • Facebook Live


  • Alcohol-related injury, death, or health care concerns
  • Alcohol-related and/or substance misuse policy/legislation (e.g., social host laws; liquor license laws and regulations)
  • Costs to society/local community of underage drinking and/or substance misuse
  • Parental involvement in prevention
  • Tobacco
  • Substance misuse (in addition to alcohol). Select all that apply

Related Materials and Resources:

  • No Materials at this time

For more information, please contact:

McKen-Z Ramus
(406) 433-4097