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What's New

Get NIAAA’s new fact sheet about how parents can keep new college students safe from excessive alcohol use on campus

This fall semester, use the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)’s college drinking prevention materials to help new and returning college students get smart on alcohol. Download the fact sheet, “Fall Semester – A Time for Parents to Discuss the Risks of College Drinking,” to learn how the continuing influence of parents can help keep new college students from participating in risky drinking behavior. The NIAAA materials also include additional fact sheets, reports, and presentations for use by parents and college representatives on campus.

Watch NIDA’s new video to learn about the effects of drugs by gender

In the new National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) video, The Effects of Drugs on Men vs. Women, Dr. Rajita Sinha discusses the importance of considering sex and gender differences while studying the causes and treatment of substance use disorders. For more videos, visit NIDA’s YouTube channel.

Understand the effects of fetal alcohol exposure with NIAAA’s fact sheet

Fetal alcohol exposure occurs when a woman drinks while pregnant. NIAAA’s fact sheet, Fetal Alcohol Exposure, identifies how alcohol can affect fetal development at any stage of pregnancy (and even including the earliest stages before a woman even knows she is pregnant). For more resources on the effects of alcohol on the body, check out NIAAA’s brochures and fact sheets.

Use SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator (Locator) is an online resource for people seeking treatment facilities in the United States or its territories for substance use/addiction and/or mental health disorders. To learn how to use the Locator, watch a short overview of the key features. Remember, the search criteria and information you enter into the Locator are secure and anonymous.