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What's New

Visit SAMHSA's COVID-19 resource page

SAMHSA recognizes the current challenges posed by COVID-19 and is providing resources and information to assist individuals, providers, communities, and states across the country during these difficult times.

Check out NIAAA's Alcohol Treatment and Physical Distancing information

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's (NIAAA) Alcohol Treatment and Physical Distancing resource outlines tips and methods of treatment during these uncertain times. The resource highlights the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator, where individuals can seek "telemedicine/telehealth" treatment and/or "teletherapy" options. In addition, the resource links to mutual support groups.

Use NIDA Teens' Drug Facts for Students page

The National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens’ (NIDA Teens) Drug Facts for Students page provides in-depth information on prescription drugs, opioids, and alcohol. It explains the harmful effects of substance misuse on brain development and helps define the differences between stimulants and depressants, among other facts and statistics on substances and substance misuse. This resource can serve as a great tool in a prevention lesson for school or as a method for parents to talk to their children. For more science-based information on teen drug use and its effects, visit NIDA Teens.

Get NIAAA's fact sheet on the dangers of alcohol overdose

NIAAA's Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol Overdose fact sheet defines alcohol overdose and explains how to identify one. It also illustrates the measurement of a standard drink in the United States to help people understand how much alcohol is present in different types of drinks. Visit NIAAA's brochures and fact sheets page for more resources on alcohol-related topics.

Download SAMHSA’s AlcoholFX app

Alcohol's Effects on the Brain (AlcoholFX) is a free, science-based app that teaches students ages 10-12 how alcohol can harm their brains if they drink. Based on lesson plans from SAMHSA's Reach Out Now Initiative, the app can be easily integrated with instruction in fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms. This app is only available on tablets. For more information, check out SAMHSA's YouTube video or visit the AlcoholFX web page.