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Success Stories

These success stories illustrate the many creative and effective ways in which Town Hall Meetings are contributing to underage drinking prevention in communities nationwide.

Lead & Seed Changes the Underage Drinking Environment in Erie County, Pennsylvania

The Lead & Seed program in Erie County, funded by the Erie County Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, sees Town Hall Meetings as springboards to action against underage alcohol consumption. After each Town Hall Meeting, Lead & Seed’s youth leaders have created strategic planning logic models that they use as a tool to promote advocacy; action; and changes to their physical, legal, economic, and sociocultural environment. The compelling issues and suggestions that emerge from their Town Hall Meetings become key talking points driving their planning for followup activities.

Underage Drinking Prevention Tailgate Is Springboard to Success in Coffee County, Tennessee

Question: What do you get if you put three mayors, two police chiefs, one sheriff, and one district attorney, including some who have not always seen eye-to-eye, in the same 2013 Town Hall Meeting roundtable in Manchester, Tennessee?

Reality Party Educates Adults About Underage Drinking in Kamiah, Idaho

Most parents would be troubled to discover empty beer cans littering their front yard and to find unconscious teens sprawled on their living room floor.

Educating Parents on Underage Drinking: A SNAP™ for Randolph, New Jersey, Town Hall

In 2008, 110 Randolph high school students were arrested after renting a “party bus” for a trip to Vermont with kegs of beer, bottles of vodka, and other drugs onboard; of the 110 students, 62 were arrested on underage drinking charges. Prevention is Key, a community-focused nonprofit organization, hosted the “What Every Parent Needs to Know About Underage Drinking” Town Hall Meeting in Randolph on April 18, 2012. The event addressed the problem of underage drinking and the role of parents in stopping it from a developmental perspective.

2012 Town Hall Meeting Makes a Big “MOOV” to Success—Omak, Washington

Omak, Washington, has fewer than 5,000 residents, yet a 2012 underage drinking prevention Town Hall Meeting attracted nearly 600 participants—or about 1 out of 8 community members. Careful planning, youth engagement, and creative audience inducements pulled in the crowd.

Town Hall Meetings Help Draw the Line Between Youth and Alcohol—Washington State

According to Washington State’s Healthy Youth Survey, both current and binge drinking by 8th- and 12th-grade students have declined significantly since 2004. “We are encouraged by this progress,” says Washington’s National Prevention Network member, Michael Langer. “Town Hall Meetings are one of several forces contributing to these positive trends.

Changing the Culture Reduces Underage Drinking—South Orange County, California

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence—Orange County (NCADD-OC), in partnership with the South Orange County Coalition (SOCC), is using Town Hall Meetings…as part of a multifaceted approach to promote social and legislative changes that can reduce underage drinking problems.

Calling a Community to Action—Burlington County, New Jersey

Annual Town Hall Meetings urge community members to get involved in prevention, with measurable results.

From Unhealthy to Healthy Environments: A Durham, North Carolina Progress Report

Durham Together for Resilient  Youth (T.R.Y.) has conducted underage drinking prevention Town Hall Meetings  annually since 2006, when the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  Administration (SAMHSA) first announced the nationwide initiative.

“Todo tiene su comienzo” (“Everything has a beginning”)—Georgia Latino Town Halls

“Todo tiene su comienzo” (“Everything has a beginning”) was selected as the theme for the 2012 series of Town Hall Meetings aimed at addressing underage drinking problems among Georgia’s growing Latino population.

Underage Drinking Prevention Is Standing Tall in Texas

Town Hall Meetings help coalitions take strategic action to reduce underage drinking in their communities and across the state.

Changing the Underage Drinking Culture—La Crosse, WI

Town Hall Meetings build on efforts to reduce youth access to alcohol and advance coalition goals.

A Win-Win Situation—Flemington, NJ

A local coalition is rewarded with a significant increase in social host ordinances—and also awarded national acclaim.

Guam Town Hall Meetings—Changing Underage Drinking Laws and Social Norms

Urged on by youth, Guam’s legislators raise the minimum legal drinking age.

Culture Is Prevention—Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana

Tribal elders and community members use Town Hall Meetings to promote a strong social host ordinance.

Starting Older, Drinking Less—Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, Town Hall Meetings have helped to increase the age of first alcohol use and decrease lifetime underage drinking.

Town Hall Meeting Has Community Abuzz About Underage Drinking—West Hartford, CT

More attendees than expected turned  out to learn from youth about the actual challenges they face when deciding  about underage alcohol use.

For This Town Hall Meeting, Most of the Audience Stayed Home—Florida

Partnering with local public broadcast stations helped two coalitions reach a potential audience of a quarter million.

A Sea Change in Social Norms on the Island of Enchantment—Puerto Rico

When the legal drinking age is 18, a  first-ever community gathering on underage drinking prevention may represent a  sea change in cultural norms for Puerto Rico.

Town Halls Meetings Are Getting to Outcomes—California

An assessment of 2010 Town Hall Meetings statewide generated many lessons learned as well as evidence that these events can lead to  community engagement in environmental prevention.

Iowa’s Coordinated Town Hall Meetings

In this state, input from all events help inform strategic statewide prevention planning.

Teens and Technology Drive Prevention Message Home in Eastchester, NY

Eastchester Communities That Care (ECTC) and members of M-Powered, ECTC’s youth division, used skits and live input from smartphones to drive home the message that it’s not just someone else’s teenager who may become a traffic fatality when alcohol and driving collide.

Awareness + Action = Progress in Pittsfield, MA

A small town with a big reason to prevent underage drinking is seeing results from environmental prevention and the use of Town Hall Meetings to spread the prevention message.

From Tiny Acorns Mighty Oak Trees Grow—The Cobb County, Georgia, Alcohol Taskforce Experience

A Town Hall Meeting proved to be fertile ground for identifying effective ways to prevent adults from providing alcohol to youth.

Youth Not Napping on Underage Drinking Issue in Napa

Youth-driven and youth-led Town Hall Meetings conducted by California Friday Night Live (FNL) chapters have been important to the success of many community-based initiatives to reduce underage drinking.