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Success Stories

These success stories illustrate the many creative and effective ways in which Town Hall Meetings are contributing to underage drinking prevention in communities nationwide.

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Lead & Seed Changes the Underage Drinking Environment in Erie County, Pennsylvania

The Lead & Seed program in Erie County, funded by the Erie County Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, sees Town Hall Meetings as springboards ...

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Reality Party Educates Adults About Underage Drinking in Kamiah, Idaho

Most parents would be troubled to discover empty beer cans littering their front yard and to find unconscious teens sprawled on their living room f ...

Underage Drinking Prevention Tailgate Is Springboard to Success in Coffee County, Tennessee

Question: What do you get if you put three mayors, two police chiefs, one sheriff, and one district attorney, including some who have not always se ...

Educating Parents on Underage Drinking: A SNAP™ for Randolph, New Jersey, Town Hall

In 2008, 110 Randolph high school students were arrested after renting a “party bus” for a trip to Vermont with kegs of beer, bottles of vodka, and ot ...

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