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These success stories illustrate the many creative and effective ways in which Town Hall Meetings are contributing to underage drinking prevention in communities nationwide.

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Launching Nevada’s Underage Drinking Prevention Awareness Day

Although alcohol sales to anyone under age 21 are illegal, Nevada has an estimated 92,000 youth who drink underage. Furthermore, these youth drin ...

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Data Drives Agenda on Underage Drinking Prevention

The Pennsylvania State Commission on Crime and Delinquency conducts the Pennsylvania Youth Survey biennially. Its 2013 survey found that alcohol ...

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Our City Is Our Campus: Alcohol in the Collegiate Environment

New York City’s colleges, universities, and prevention partners have been addressing underage drinking for more than 10 years. With past suppo ...

Youth Filmmakers Master the Fine Art of Prevention

In 2013, the cost to Oregon (PDF—346KB) of underage drinking was an estimated ...

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