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Getting Started

Nearly 9 million American youth drink alcohol, illegally and dangerously.


Each year, community-based organizations nationwide host Town Hall Meetings to mobilize communities around underage drinking prevention. Get involved in this national movement to learn what you and your community can do to prevent underage drinking. Anyone can help; everyone is needed.

Getting Started

Learning From Experience

The Prevention Council of Roanoke, Virginia, has been holding Town Hall Meetings since 2006. Listen as Brittany Sandidge, the Prevention Council’s Director of Development, takes you through the Council’s prevention journey and growing accomplishments.


In 2010, underage drinking cost communities nationwide an estimated $62 billion. The cost to individuals and their families in terms of injury, death, and other consequences of underage drinking is immeasurable.

Community-based organizations across the nation hold Town Hall Meetings to:

  • Educate community members about the consequences of underage drinking;
  • Empower communities to make environmental changes to prevent underage drinking; and
  • Mobilize communities around underage drinking prevention initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Help prevent underage drinking by participating in a Town Hall Meeting. You can find a meeting in your area and volunteer to be a cosponsor or speaker, or you can be an attendee and add your voice to those calling for prevention. If you have any questions about holding a Town Hall Meeting, e-mail info@stopalcoholabuse.net.

For New Town Hall Meeting Organizers

The following training video, in English and Spanish, provides a basic introduction on hosting a Town Hall Meeting to prevent underage drinking:

Visit the Tips and Resources section for information on planning and conducting a solution-focused event.