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Robust Alcohol Policy Reduces Binge Drinking

Individuals residing in states with robust alcohol policy environments were less likely to engage in binge drinking, frequent binging, or high-intensity binge drinking, according to “The Alcohol Policy Environment and Policy Subgroups as Predictors of Binge Drinking Measures Among US Adults.” Specifically, the study reports that a 10-percentage-point increase in the strength of a state’s alcohol policy correlated with an 8-percent reduction in individuals engaging in all types of binge drinking in the previous month. The study, authored by a panel of alcohol policy experts, was published in the August 2014 issue of American Journal of Public Health. “This study shows that alcohol policies matter—and matter a lot—for reducing a person’s risk of binge drinking, which is a leading cause of premature death and disability in the U.S.,” said Ziming Xuan, Sc.D., S.M., M.A., the lead author. The National Institutes of Health funded this study.  

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