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Implementing Your Town Hall Meeting Promotion Plan

Promoting your Town Hall Meeting has taken on a whole new meaning in this age of blogs, eNews, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—not to mention traditional media outlets such as radio, television, and newspaper. The good news is that you have more ways than ever to draw attention to an issue as important to your community as underage drinking prevention.

Begin by developing a promotion plan that uses the resources, tips, and tools below to help you facilitate promotion, marketing, and advertising of your Town Hall Meeting to prevent underage drinking. Appropriate coverage of your meeting will help you maximize your attendance. Don't forget to start with a promotion plan for your meeting to guide your promotional activities:

  • Media Engagement Tips: provides guidance on building a media contact list and tips to engage media.
  • Social Media Guide: provides customizable templates to share information with print, television, and radio media outlets.
  • Blogging Guide: provides tips and guidance on using blogging as a promotional activity.

Other Helpful Resources:

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