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Success Stories

If you have hosted a Town Hall meeting, we are interested in your story. We'd love to hear about how it went, who was there, and the impact you're seeing in your community. Share Yours +

Summer Kick Off and Teen Planning

313 High Street, Roseville, CA

Summer Kick Off and Teen Planning The youth participated in an active conversation about the culture and pressure of underage drinking. A survey was done of the participants to identify problems in the community and resources. A performance was done which showed the youth that they can express themselves in a creative and constructive manner.

Group discussion and performance

To survey the community and host an open discussion about underage drinking.

We conducted 20 surveys and spoke with over 30 community members. The youth expressed the pressures they observe and feel and suggested ways to support those who wish to escape this pressure. Most youth identified drinking as something their parents do and condone. Many youth also note that violence is a problem in their community. This could be a result of alcohol use or a reason for alcohol use.

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