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FALL 2012

Behind the Lens newsletter. State/Territory Underage Drinking Prevention Videos Project. Keeping you informed, inspired, and up to date.
In Your Words Map of the United States

Interview with Lisa Hutcheson
Director – IN Collegiate Action Network

Lisa Hutcheson What, for you, was the most interesting or satisfying aspect of participating in the State/Territory video project?
For me, being able to see the final project, after so many months of preparation, was the most satisfying aspect of this project.

Indiana’s video addresses underage drinking on college campuses and is called No Limits/Know Limits. What is the significance of that title?
I think those four words sum up the attitudes of most college students who drink and the actions that campus health professionals take to educate those students and raise awareness of the health and safety issues related to high-risk drinking. Many college students have “no limits” when it comes to alcohol and will drink almost anything and in vast quantities, so they really don’t consider what personal limitations they should have before their drinking gets out of control. I think most health and wellness professionals on campus would agree that a crucial part of their role and responsibility is to ensure that students who drink do “know limits,” such as blood alcohol content, effects of alcohol on men and women, dangerous impact of mixing alcohol with other drugs, and the other very real health and safety threats that out-of-control drinking bring.

What challenges, if any, did you encounter during the production process, and how did you overcome them?
Filming anything outdoors in November in Indiana is always bound to bring challenges because the weather is so unpredictable then, but I think we were able to have a good mix of indoor and outdoor filming to bring diversity and yet make sure no one got pneumonia!

How satisfied are you with the final product?
We have received very positive feedback on the DVD, and schools are very grateful and excited to have a free electronic resource to add to their efforts. I think the filming style and pacing of the DVD makes it easy to use with incoming freshman, older students, and even parents. Accompanying the DVD were some guided discussion questions that hopefully will engage the audience in a deeper discussion of the issue.

Tips from the pros
A senior producer shares insights

A senior producer shares insights on making a video even more effective.

“Keep your focus on what the message of your video is. Rather than try to squeeze as many ideas as possible into a video that’s only about 5 to 7 minutes long, make sure that every segment points toward your main message about underage drinking. Your viewers will be more likely to stay engaged to the end and be rewarded with a stronger takeaway.”

State/Territory Videos Senior Producer

Overcoming Obstacles
Screen Capture of Iowa's Video

Challenge: One segment of Iowa’s video was planned as a roundtable discussion among parents. The production team was concerned, however, that this particular segment might not be visually captivating on camera.

Solution: The Iowa team reached out to a local diner and arranged to shoot the discussion in the facility during off-hours. To make it look like a functioning diner, the producer and the local point of contact staged a conversation in the background while another member of the team stood in as a “waitress”!

Spread the word
Screen Capture of Puerto Rico's Video
Here are some ways states/territories are getting the message out:

When thinking about how to disseminate your video to your target audience, think about where and how they might see it. For example, if you make a video aimed at parents, reach out to Parent Teacher Associations across your state and ask about showing the video at their meetings, perhaps following up with a discussion on underage drinking prevention. Similarly, if your video targets youth, get in contact with local church and community youth groups to see if they would be willing to use your video as a conversation starter.

Whats New
Screen Capture of Indianna’s video

The State/Territory Videos Project team, with an eye toward increasing visibility for all the wonderful videos that have been produced so far, has reached out to a network of public, education, and government television stations to further spread the prevention messages being told by each state and territory.

Status Check

Currently in postproduction:

  • Maine
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee

Currently in preproduction:

  • Kansas
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
On The Horizon

The following states are scheduled to produce videos within the next year:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin


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